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Major Changes Hit Facebook and Snapchat

Two social media behemoths made significant announcements last week.

All Things Apple Music: Top 10 Stories

Without question, the biggest news in music last week was the announcement of Apple Music, the...

Tech + Human: How We Match Brands With Music Artists

As Artist Relations Manager at Music Audience Exchange (MAX), my job involves the process of...

Information Symmetry: Uber, Airbnb, and the Music Industry

There’s a passage from a March 15 TechCrunch post that recently went viral. You may have seen it...

Bitcoin Can't Save The Music Industry

This article was originally published on Forbes.

Social Conversion: The “Warm and Fuzzy” of Ad-Tech

We all know marketing clients demand performance metrics: CTRs, time on site, impressions, etc....

Music, Music (and Apple) Everywhere

We have written in this column about marketing to Millennials, the role of artist content in...

The Next Gen of Ad-Tech Will Amplify Your Authentic Voice

With millennials poised to overtake Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation, the...