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23(+) MAX Artist Partners’ Books

We already know that the artists we work with are talented musicians, but did you know that a TON of our artist partners are also published authors? Check out our list of 23(+) MAX artist partners who have either written or contributed to books.

Futuristic × United States Marine Corps

USMC Music Presents: Futuristic

The United States Marine Corps partnered with rapper Futuristic...

MAX Insights: Mitigating Risks in the Me-Conomy with Music

Throughout this series, we’ve talked a lot about change: change in technology, demographics,...

Montéz de Durango × Ford

Tus Concesionarios Ford de Tejas presentan a Montéz De Durango y la Ford F-150 2021


Inner Wave × Ford

Your California Ford Dealers Present:Inner Wave and the 2021 Ford F-150

This partnership...

Risks in the Me-conomy

People want to be seen, heard, understood, reflected, and entertained, or else brands risk...

From “D2C” to “D2ME”

The D2C business model has been around for centuries, but lately, D2C has been experiencing a...