How Well Do You Know 2021 Trends?

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A lot happened in 2021. There were TikTok dance crazes, captivating album releases, bingeworthy TV shows, and so, so many Marvel movies (so. many.).

Test your knowledge of 2021 trivia and trends with our 12-question quiz - and be sure to tag us when you share your results!


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Las Cafeteras × Ford

Your California Ford Dealers Present Las Cafeteras

Las Cafeteras is partnering with Your California Ford Dealers as part of the Música Ford program...

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Lalah Hathaway × AARP

AARP Celebrates Black Music Month with Lalah Hathaway

AARP is joined by Lalah Hathaway in celebrating Black Music Month and the connection between...

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Elujay × McDonald's

Cross-genre artist Elujay is partnering with McDonald’s to share how to earn rewards and get free food through the McDonald's app.

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