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Tyler Rich × Ford

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Your Local Ford Dealers Present: Tyler Rich

Tyler Rich encourages Ford owners to visit their local Ford dealer for service.

The Campaign:

Through Ford Music (and Música Ford), Ford partners with the best musicians from across the country, showing a bit of their lives and featuring the music that drives them to go further.

Tyler Rich talks about his values of integrity, practice, and consistency and how those values have shaped his music career. He looks for those values in the people he chooses to work with–and in the brands he chooses to partner with. Tyler Rich takes his Ford to a Factory Certified Technician whenever he needs a tune-up, because he knows that they share his values and will get the job done right.

This campaign includes a sweepstakes, giving fans the chance to win a gift card, tickets to a Tyler Rich show, and a VIP meet & greet experience with the artist.

Get to Know Tyler Rich

Tyler Rich is a country music singer, songwriter, and musician from Yuba City, California. When he was eight years old, Tyler fell in love with country music and started playing the guitar around fourteen. In 2014, Tyler released his first single, “Radio,” and four years later, he released the single “The Difference,” which received a certified Platinum by Music Canada and Gold by RIAA in the U.S.

Tyler’s debut album, Two Thousand Miles, was released in 2020 and has propelled him to country stardom.

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