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The State of Music Sponsorship in 2022

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We love a good prediction article. We’ve been reading a ton of really great editorials, blogs, infographics, whitepapers, and substacks about what the next year will hold (you can find a fantastic roundup here), but we noticed a pretty big gap. We’ve been having a lot of internal discussions about music sponsorship in 2022, but haven’t seen any comprehensive looks at the future of music sponsorship. This happens to be right in our wheelhouse, so over the next few weeks we’re going to share our insights and predictions about the state of music sponsorship in 2022.

MAX sits at a unique intersection of music, marketing, and tech. Our knowledge base spans several areas and industries, so we’re asking a few of our in-house experts to share their predictions for 2022 with a focus on music sponsorship. Some of the areas we’ll cover include:

  • Music Predictions
  • Music x Marketing Predictions
  • Music x Social Predictions
  • Music x Tech Predictions

If you have any questions you would like to see answered by our team, please comment below or email us at 

In our State of Music Sponsorship series, we will explore what live music will look like in 2022, how hybrid experiences will influence music and marketing, how music sponsorship fits into the Me-conomy, and how technology shapes all of the above.

If you haven’t read our Me-conomy series yet, we recommend checking that out before our Music Sponsorship series gets underway.

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