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Mariah Angeliq × Ford

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Música Ford Presents Mariah Angeliq

Mariah Angeliq, “La Princesa de Miami,” is teaming up with Música Ford to bring her signature sound to Chicago and showcase the versatility of the Ford Bronco Sport.

The Campaign:

Through Música Ford (and Ford Music), Ford partners with the best musicians from across the country, showing a bit of their lives and featuring the music that drives them to go further.

Using our MAX Artist Matching Engine™, our team identified reggaeton, trap, and R&B artist Mariah Angeliq as the perfect partner to help Your Local Ford Dealers reach Hispanic SUV drivers based on several audience attributes and her affinity for Ford.

Mariah Angeliq went from being a “regular girl from Miami” to a multi-platinum superstar in what she says felt like overnight. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t take hard work, though–Mariah Angeliq, who has been dubbed “La Princesa de Miami,” took a leap of faith into the music industry, always pushing towards her dreams, and her work ethic is reflected in her music.

When she gets a break from touring, recording, and performing, Mariah Angeliq likes to ground herself by spending time meditating out in nature. She loves that the Ford Bronco Sport is versatile (just like she is), easily going from city driving to escaping into the wild. Mariah Angelique is excited to see where her career–and the Ford Bronco Sport–will take her next.

As part of this campaign, Your Local Ford Dealers are giving fans a chance to win tickets to a Mariah Angeliq concert and a VIP meet & greet experience with the artist at the show.


The Song: "Perreito"

Mariah Angeliq’s smash hit “Perreito” delivers classic reggaeton with a modern twist, giving the nostalgic sound a fresh face and contemporary vibes.

Get to Know Mariah Angeliq

Mariah Angeliq is a critically acclaimed, multi-platinum superstar. She is one of the most influential female voices within the Latin urban genre and has been deemed “La Princesa de Miami.” In 2020, she received an RIAA 2x Multi-Platinum Certification for her hit single “Perreito.” Mariah has also collaborated with artists like Karol G, J Álvarez, and Marie Monti. This 23-year-old star is just getting started with over 9 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 317 million views on YouTube.

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Mariah Angeliq × Ford

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