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Forbes Profile on New Platform for Brand/Artist Partnerships

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Forbes recently published both parts one and two of a two-part series profiling Music Audience Exchange and our TuneLaunch platform.

The mainstream airwaves (TV, FM radio, Pandora, Spotify) today remain an inefficient marketplace, having yet to leverage audience data to more efficiently monetize airtime in ways that benefit everyone. There exists an enormous opportunity today for a Google Adwords (PPC) like “Quality Score”to be applied to mass media ad units, so that contextually relevant, emotionally evocative ads that truly grab the attention of viewers and listeners are rewarded with greater frequency at lower costs (thus appealing to audiences, generating more inventory, and creating more revenue).  Within music services, musical-content-as-ads is the perfect format to deliver brand messages that capture the genuine interest of audiences.  Artist/brand partnerships (and the value exchange that alignment creates) represent the next great wave of experiential marketing (instead of Tide plastered on a NASCAR driver, think about Steve Madden shoes on an NYC indie-rocker, or an emerging country star in Dallas repping Silverado trucks).

As brand marketing continues to evolve (less one-way messaging; more meaningful conversations and connecting with customers over shared passion-points), this has massive implications on how experiential marketing efforts will digitize, automate, scale, and be measured; I hope you’ll give it a look.  The Forbes piece covers more of the artist-side of the equation; I’d be happy to discuss the role that brands play within the platform with you:

Part One:

Part Two:

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