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Ana Tijoux × Ford

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Your California Ford Dealers Present Ana Tijoux

Ford is partnering with Ana Tijoux to highlight the artist’s favorite features of the Ford F-150.

The Campaign:

Through Música Ford (and Ford Music), Ford partners with the best musicians from across the country, showing a bit of their lives and featuring the music that drives them to go further.

This partnership includes a sweepstakes, giving a lucky fan a chance to win tickets to Ana Tijoux’s show in San Francisco on May 30th and a meet and greet with her at the concert. Watch the video below to see Ana Tijoux talk about music, her career, and what she loves about California.

Get to Know Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux is a star-studded French-Chilean singer, songwriter, and hip-hop artist. Starting her solo career in 2006, Ana has collaborated with numerous artists, including Las Manos de Filippi, Sayag Jazz Machine, and Julieta Venegas. With Julieta Venegas, she collaborated on the hit song “Eres para Mí,” which has more than 82 million streams on Spotify. Ana Tijoux has been nominated for three GRAMMY Awards and four Latin GRAMMY Awards. She won the 2014 Latin Grammy Award for Record of the Year for her album Universos Paralelos, a collaboration with Jorge Drexler.

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