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ACM Awards Artist Spotlight: Kane Brown

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ACM nominations have been announced! We are so excited that SIX of the artists we’ve partnered with at MAX have received nominations — some of them in multiple categories! In this blog series, we've been taking a look at ACM-nominated artists that MAX has partnered with. Up next on the list is Kane Brown!

Kane Brown

MAX partnership with Dr Pepper (2019, 2020)

2021 ACM Nominations

  • ALBUM OF THE YEAR - Mixtape Vol. 1 (Kane Brown)
  • VIDEO OF THE YEAR - Worldwide Beautiful (Kane Brown)

Kane Brown

Kane Brown’s “Worldwide Beautiful” music video employs striking imagery, juxtaposing chaos and destruction in the background with images of children playing in the foreground. The lyrics in his song implore listeners to see the beauty in the diversity of the world around them. Brown’s ambitious video has earned him a ACM Award nomination for video of the year, but that’s not his only nomination.

Mixtape, Vol. 1 takes on another ambitious challenge, as Kane Brown uses this EP to introduce the world of country music to the concept of the mixtape (which has existed as a legitimate album form in the rap and R&B worlds for decades). With this album, Brown has earned a nomination for Album of the Year and has established himself as a country artist to be reckoned with, as he earns ACM Award nominations for the fourth year in a row.

MAX Audience Insights: Kane Brown’s audience skews heavily female and his fans are much more likely to be moms than the general population. His audience is highly rural and in the average income bracket.

  • Moms (+ 3.64 index)
  • SUV Drivers (+ 2.80 index)
  • Budget Conscious (+ 2.62 index)
  • Highly Rural (+ 2.25 index)
  • Hard Seltzer (+ 2.15 index)
  • Dog Owners (+ 1.72 index)
  • Auto Racing Fans (+ 1.70 index)
  • Super Premium Whiskey (+ 1.68 index)
  • Casual Sit-Down (+ 1.47 index)

When Dr Pepper introduced their new product, Dr Pepper & Cream Soda, they were looking for an artist who exemplified their tagline: “The Perfect Duet.” They found exactly what they were looking for in Kane Brown and his wife, fellow artist Katelyn Jae. The pair welcomed fans into their lives, sharing a glimpse of what their home life is like while talking about their love of Dr Pepper products.

Congratulations, Kane!

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