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Ztilo × McDonald's

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What pairs perfectly with a McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich? Latin R&B artist and Bay Area native Ztilo.

The Campaign:

McDonald’s is partnering with California native Ztilo to share some insight into the artist’s process when he’s creating music. This campaign is an extension of McDonald’s long history of connecting with people through the music they love.

In a series of videos shared to his social media accounts, Ztilo talks about the importance of representation in music and why he likes to write songs that feature lyrics in both Spanish and English. Thanks to McDonald’s, fans will get a peek behind the scenes of Ztilo in the recording studio, sharing a little advice for other artists.

Ztilo also talks about his favorite childhood memories of McDonald’s and his favorite item on the McDonald’s Value Menu. Social posts shared from the artist’s accounts encourage fans to visit a landing page where they can download the McDonald’s ordering app and start earning points when they use the app to order ahead.

The Song: “Contigo

This campaign features the McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich paired with Ztilo’s song “Contigo” – a perfect combo!

Get to Know Ztilo

After taking a hiatus in 2017, this Bay Area artist has re-emerged on the music scene with a new title and an evolved sound under the name Ztilo. Since he came back to the music scene, Ztilo has released several new R&B singles, including “I Got You,” “Contigo,” “Manera,” and “Peligrosa.” His first full-length album, No Hard Feelingz, was released in 2021 and showed his unique sound, which combines modern R&B styles and his Latin roots.

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