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The Data Science of Niche Targeting Through Music

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We love a good data analysis, so we were excited for the 2021 MRC Music Year-End Report . . .  and then we saw it, there in the table of contents, listed as the #4 trend that will define 2022: Brands & Bands.

The Data Science of Niche Targeting Through Music

While we were disappointed that the Brands & Bands section was so short, we’re still glad to see that it was included. Understanding audience behavior is so important and can make or break a campaign. As we read the excellent (if broad) analysis from MRC, we couldn’t help but notice that the data reinforces exactly what we’ve been telling brands since our founding: don’t make assumptions about audience behavior. Let data guide your decisions when it comes to marketing through music.  

The MRC report focuses on broad genres (rock, EDM, children’s music, etc.) and the data presented goes against the stereotypes of each genre’s fans. For example:

  • EDM fans are twice as likely to have purchased bourbon in the past 3 months than the average listener (15% vs. 7%)
  • Children’s music fans are the most likely to have purchased fashion/ clothing (74%) and cosmetics (50%) in the past 3 months
  • 2 in 3 Rock fans have purchased a nonalcoholic beverage in the past 3 months

Even these broad data points show how important it is to put aside assumptions based on stereotypes and truly understand audience behavior (and spending patterns) before investing marketing dollars in a music campaign. In today’s world of personalization, however, broad segmentation based on umbrella music genres will still lead to wasted marketing dollars.

At MAX, we help brands make smarter marketing investments in music. To date, we’ve delivered more than 370 turnkey music programs for brands that are based on data science and that consistently deliver measurable ROI. Starting with an audience profile (demographics, psychographics, behavioral attributes, etc.) and defined objectives, our MAX Platform analyzes millions of data points to generate a list of potential artists that a specific target audience already loves. We also know where that audience spends their time: our platform determines the optimal mix of content, reach, frequency, and channels, monitoring each campaign and making adjustments based on analysis from our real-time optimization tools.

We understand music audiences. We help brands understand them too.

Marketing through music can be relevant, captivating, convenient, abundant, and compelling, but only if your investments are based on a deep understanding of your target.

Quiz: Find YOUR Artist Match

The Data Science of Niche Targeting Through Music | Artist Matching QuizWant to see what your habits and behaviors say about your taste in music? We've curated a shortlist of 10 diverse artists making their mark in music. Answer a few questions and we'll show you which of the artists' fans are most like YOU.

This quiz is just a fun example of how we’ve applied insights from our proprietary platform. Interested in the real data science behind the MAX Platform? Schedule a strategy session with our team.

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