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Los Parras × McDonald's

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Musica McDonald's

Three ways to treat yourself with Los Parras ✕ McDonald’s.

The Campaign: 

While the three brothers in Regional Mexican group Los Parras might not agree on which McDonald’s frozen drink is the best, they all agree that an icy beverage from McDonald’s is the best way to stay cool.

This partnership includes a custom landing page where fans can watch exclusive video content from Los Parras and download the McDonald’s ordering app. The brothers are sharing even more exclusive content from their social accounts, telling stories about their music and about how they stay cool while they’re on tour with McDonald’s frozen beverages.

Watch the video below to see Los Parras talk about their musical influences, their favorite childhood memory at McDonald’s, and how much they love and appreciate their fans.

Get to Know Los Parras

From Phoenix, AZ, Los Parras is a Regional Mexican group consisting of three brothers. They rose to fame in 2019 with their single “Ye Te Superé,” which still sits in the top 100 Regional Mexican songs with more than 168 million views on YouTube and over 44 million streams on Spotify. These brothers have quickly made a name for themselves in the Regional Mexican genre and have garnered more than 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

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