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Cheli Madrid × Toyota

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Se Habla Toyota Música

Regional Mexican artist Cheli Madrid teamed up with Toyota to talk about her music and highlight the features on the all-new 2019 Toyota RAV4.

The Campaign:

Cheli Madrid grew up in Sinaloa in a small house, surrounded by the music of Regional Mexican artists such as Miguel y Miguel, Los Dinámicos, and Los Intocables. She carried those roots with her when she moved to the United States, and she is proud to be part of the Southern California music scene and the small group of women who represent Regional Mexican music. She hopes to inspire future generations of artists to pursue their dreams and create music that people fall in love with.

Cheli Madrid was genuinely excited to partner with Toyota and is thrilled that the brand is supporting her music. Her father, a massive influence on her both personally and professionally, currently drives a 2014 Toyota Tacoma and drove a Toyota Camry while Cheli was growing up. Cheli herself fell in love with the Toyota RAV4 at first sight, and especially loves that the RAV4 lets her travel to all of her favorite places in California where she loves to go hiking with her family and appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Cheli is passionate about her music, her career, and her history with Toyota, and is perfectly aligned for this partnership.

This campaign includes a sweepstakes giving fans the chance to win a VIP experience at a Cheli Madrid concert, including hotel accommodations, concert tickets, a private meet & greet, and exclusive autographed merch.

The Song: “Hoy Que Te Vas

Cheli Madrid’s song featured in this campaign, “Hoy Que Te Vas,” is a song of heartbreak, love, and disappointments, but it’s also about learning that you will find love again.

Get to Know Cheli Madrid

A native of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, Cheli Madrid moved to California at the age of 8 but has been inspired by the Regional Mexican genre for as long as she can remember. The eldest of 4 children, Cheli grew up surrounded by music. In fact, seven of her uncles were part of a Sinaloan band called "Los Rinconeños" when they were young. Her mother loved music and listened to her favorite artists while doing housework, and it was this music that inspired Cheli to pursue a career as a Regional Mexican artist.

Featured on Spotify playlists such as "La Brava - Banda & Norteño Hits" (2.7 million followers) and "Mal de Amores" (774k followers), Cheli Madrid is one of the most listened to new talents in the Regional Mexican genre and her videos have already reached 6 million views on her YouTube channel. Cheli has toured extensively in both Mexico and the United States. 

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