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🏳️‍🌈 Artists to Watch: Pride Month - Part 2

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In recognition of Pride, we’re featuring some of our favorite LGBTQIA+ artists throughout the month of June - when you discover your new favorite, be sure to like, love, and share!

King Princess

King Princess-1 “I get asked, ‘Is it a choice to gender the music or put pronouns in?’ and for me it just wasn't a choice… Why can’t [music] be gay? It’s the same thing. It’s just different pronouns. It’s the same feeling.”
- King Princess

King Princess (she/her/genderfluid) seamlessly melds pop and rock, modern and vintage, masculine and feminine, vulnerability and strength, in her confessional debut album, Cheap Queen. While many out gay pop artists—even in recent years—have shied away from using identifying pronouns in their lyrics, King Princess joins the growing number of artists to openly celebrate (and sometimes lament) queer love in her music. She quickly rose to fame when her song “1950” garnered attention from Harry Styles and recently partnered with iconic brand Calvin Klein for their 2021 Pride campaign.

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MAX Artist Insights*
10 attributes that make King Princess' audience unique

  1. Audience skews female (61%) and high household income
  2. Moms + 1.19
  3. Candy + 0.48
  4. Healthy Eating + 0.46
  5. Hybrid Drivers + 0.44
  6. Married + 0.42
  7. Homeowner + 0.41
  8. LGBTQIA + 0.40
  9. Men's Fashion + 0.33
  10. Premium Cosmetics + 0.30


Banoffee-1 “Pop isn’t lyrically political like in the 60s, but now, the existence of these avant-garde pop artists is advocacy in itself. Our existence, and rise to the top is more political than we could put into words.”
- Banoffee

More than a year after the release of her debut album Look at us Now Dad, Banoffee (she/her) has released a new single, “Tapioca Cheeks.” The single features Banoffee’s signature ethereal sound: breathy vocals punctuated by occasional autotune layered over bass-heavy beats. “Tapioca Cheeks” ventures away from the focus on personal and intergenerational trauma Banoffee explored in her debut album, reflecting on the vulnerability and anxiety that accompany a new relationship.

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MAX Artist Insights*
10 attributes that make Banoffee's audience unique

  1. Skews young, with a 50/50 split between male and female
  2. Dramedy TV Viewers + 0.63
  3. Chocolate and Candybars + 0.57
  4. Comedy Fans + 0.52
  5. True Crime Podcasts Listeners + 0.46
  6. Men's Budget Fashion + 0.45
  7. Natural Health and Beauty + 0.43
  8. LGBT + 0.42
  9. Ridesharing Users + 0.30
  10. Super Premium Whiskey + 0.28

Amythyst Kiah

Amythyst Kiah-1 “ has this way of disarming people, bringing people together to really listen to someone's story, whereas otherwise it might be more difficult to hear it.”
- Amythyst Kiah

Amythyst Kiah (she/her) blends blues, bluegrass, alt-rock, and country, in a style that explores the roots and branches of American music and recognizes the African influences on Americana music that are often erased or ignored. Her intersectional activism is apparent in her lyrics, as she shares stories that weave together her personal experiences and the political world at large. She has gained attention both as a solo artist and as a member of the supergroup Our Native Daughters and already has a GRAMMY nomination and three Americana Honors and Awards nominations under her belt.

Listen to Amythyst Kiah on YouTube or Spotify

MAX Artist Insights*
10 attributes that make Amythyst Kiah's audience unique

  1. Audience skews older and higher income
  2. Tea Drinkers (+ 0.52)
  3. Gardening (+ 0.47)
  4. LGBT Causes (+ 0.44)
  5. Ice Hockey Fans (+ 0.38)
  6. Educational Podcasts Listeners (+ 0.34)
  7. Standard Wine Drinkers (+ 0.34)
  8. Environmental Causes (+ 0.34)
  9. Traditional TV Viewers (+ 0.27)
  10. Standard Whiskey Drinkers (+ 0.26)


Gina Chavez

Gina Chavez-1 “My music, my message, is that our diversity is what makes us beautiful, not our sameness. I am Catholic and a married lesbian. I am Latina and I am white. I can be in different worlds as a bridge, not a wall that divides.”
- Gina Chavez

Gina Chavez (she/her) is a bilingual, multi-ethnic, LGBTQ singer-songwriter, visual artist, and activist. Her personal experiences have driven her as an artist and as an activist to advocate for marginalized people and to amplify underrepresented voices. She understands the importance of working at both a global and a local level, championing efforts to improve access to education for young women around the world and to provide food and shelter for the unhoused in her own community. She recently partnered with LifeWTR as part of their campaign to diversify representation in the arts and caught the attention of influential platforms, from NPR to Brené Brown.

Listen to Gina Chavez on YouTube or Spotify

MAX Artist Insights*
10 attributes that make Gina Chavez's audience unique

  1. Skews Hispanic, female, aged 30-49
  2. Budget Conscious + 0.83
  3. Spanish + 0.73
  4. Moms + 0.52
  5. Cosmetics + 0.34
  6. Children's Causes + 0.24
  7. Diet Soft Drinks + 0.21
  8. Organic and Natural Food + 0.20
  9. Professional Wrestling Fans + 0.18
  10. Guitar Players + 0.17


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