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Artists to Watch: Black Music Month - Part 2

Artists to Watch: Black Music Month - Part 2

In recognition of Black Music Month, we’re featuring some of our favorite artists throughout the month of June - when you discover your new favorite, be sure to like, love, and share!


LECRAE“Being faith-driven, being a hip-hop artist, being artistic in an urban context — all of those things make you unique, and you put yourself on the outside of what's considered the norm.”
- Lecrae

Lecrae refuses to be confined to one genre - or one career, it would seem. He has been nominated for and won awards across categories, including Hip Hop, Rap, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, and Rock. He is a NYT best-selling author, the co-founder of Reach Records, an entrepreneur, an actor, and an activist for racial justice. He uses his platform to raise mental health awareness, highlight racial inequity, and share his journey as a Christian. Through his music, Lecrae challenges his fans to seek personal growth by uplifting the disenfranchised communities around them.

Listen to Lecrae on YouTube or Spotify

MAX Partnerships: Although his critically acclaimed album Restoration was released when it was unsafe to host in-person concerts, Lecrae was able to connect with his fans through our SET.Livestream platform, providing an interactive virtual experience for fans that included one-on-one meet and greet opportunities. Lecrae approached MAX to once again use the SET.Livestream platform for the launch of his album’s companion book. Since then, MAX facilitated a partnership between Lecrae and the US Marines that included exclusive content and a livestream performance.

MAX Artist Insights*
10 attributes that make Lecrae's audience unique

  1. Skews Black and white (underindexes for Asian and Hispanic), young, and middle to high income
  2. Church Goers + 2.45
  3. Dads + 2.14
  4. Republican + 2.06
  5. Poverty Alleviation Causes + 1.91
  6. Suburban + 1.81
  7. Married + 1.77
  8. Women's Soccer + 1.60
  9. Baseball Fans + 1.56
  10. Homeowner + 1.34



Gallant_1“I feel like if I’m going to speak to an audience, I want to make sure that the kind of music that I’m making is honest and the lyrics feel like they came from pages in a journal.”
- Gallant

Gallant, who just released his latest EP, Neptune, pours his heart and soul into making music with raw, honest lyricism and vocals that hearken back to early 90s R&B. His vocal stylings have been compared to Usher and his debut album, Ology (2016), earned critical acclaim, praise from the likes of Seal and Jimmy Fallon, and a GRAMMY nomination. Gallant’s music is simultaneously deeply personal and slightly aloof, intimating that the singer/songwriter has spent considerable time considering his emotions before committing them to paper.

Listen to Gallant on YouTube or Spotify

MAX Artist Insights*
10 attributes that make Gallant's audience unique

  1. Skews heavily Asian and higher income
  2. Asia Destinations + 3.65
  3. Quality Conscious + 2.42
  4. Investigative Journalism Podcasts Listeners + 1.39
  5. Healthy Eating + 1.18
  6. Ethnic Haircare + 1.16
  7. Mobile Wallet Users + 1.12
  8. LGBTQIA+ + 1.04
  9. College Degree + 1.04
  10. Natural Health and Beauty + 1.03


Evvie McKinney

Evvie McKinney -2 “Growing up I chose to follow my dreams, and by the grace of God, He’s been getting me ready this whole time.”
- Evvie McKinney

Breakout gospel artist Evvie McKinney has seen her share of ups and downs in the music industry. She credits her faith and her family for seeing her through the hard times and for helping her get where she is today. With the release of her first EP, her first child on the way, and her single “Look No Further” gaining momentum on both radio and streaming platforms, 2021 has been a big year for Evvie. In addition to a powerful voice, Evvie McKinney has a commanding stage presence that wowed judges (including Sean Combs, DJ Khaled, and Meghan Trainor) during her rise to the top on the singing competition show “The Four."

Listen to Evvie McKinney on YouTube or Spotify

MAX Partnerships: Another big highlight of 2021 for Evvie McKinney is her partnership with Ford as part of the brand’s Ford Music program, showcasing up and coming artists. As part of the campaign, MAX created custom video, audio, and social content. The campaign culminated in an exclusive, Ford branded livestream concert and a virtual meet and greet for a lucky sweepstakes winner, all hosted on MAX’s livestream platform, SET.Livestream.

MAX Artist Insights*
10 attributes that make Evvie McKinney's audience unique

  1. Skews female and Black
  2. Moms + 1.20
  3. Budget Conscious + 0.95
  4. Suburban + 0.32
  5. Gym Enthusiasts + 0.31
  6. Cosmetics + 0.25
  7. Traditional TV Viewers + 0.22
  8. Brand Name Retail Customers + 0.21
  9. American Car Loyalists + 0.20
  10. Pop Culture Podcasts Listeners + 0.18



Ivy Sole

Ivy Sole - 2“My universe doesn’t have to match someone else’s universe to be valuable and to be authentic and to be filled with love; it just has to exist, and I have to put time and effort into making it exist just like anybody else.”
- Ivy Sole

Philly rapper/singer/hip hop artist Ivy Sole (she/they/ivy) self describes as a Black Queer Radical. In her music and in her life, she is dedicated to the liberation of marginalized people through both personal activism and systemic change. She uses her visibility to educate people about the struggles faced by Black trans women and Black queer teens (who face higher rates of murder and homelessness than most other groups) and employs her resources to help Black women facing housing instability. Her music is intensely introspective, articulating an intricate view of the world through a lens of personal experience.

Listen to Ivy Sole on YouTube or Spotify

MAX Partnerships: MAX facilitated a partnership between Ivy Sole and Coors as a part of the brand’s “My Climb” campaign focused on highlighting Philadelphia artists. The campaign included a video (produced by MAX) that offered a glimpse into the artist’s daily life and a series of posts from her social accounts. Ivy Sole called the partnership with Coors a “match made in heaven,” highlighting the brand’s commitment to sustainability and conservation.

MAX Artist Insights*
10 attributes that make Ivy Sole's audience unique

  1. Skews Black, male, and young
  2. Budget Conscious + 1.05
  3. Men's Fashion + 0.74
  4. Ethnic Haircare + 0.69
  5. Sports Drinks + 0.63
  6. Women's Basketball + 0.61
  7. American Car Loyalists + 0.59
  8. Sportswear + 0.59
  9. Mobile Wallet Users + 0.57
  10. Single + 0.55

*Powered by MAX Artist Matching Engine™

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