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thuy × McDonald's

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Rising R&B singer/songwriter thuy is partnering with McDonald’s for a second campaign, serving up a side of fries along with her breakout song, “girls like me don’t cry.”

thuy ✕ McDonald’s

When you’ve got a great combo that you love, you always hope for more! This campaign is rising star thuy’s second partnership with McDonald’s and an extension of McDonald’s long history of connecting with people through the music they love. 

Last year, our team used our MAX Artist Matching Engine™ to identify R&B star thuy as the perfect artist partner to help McDonald’s reach their target audience based on key audience attributes and her affinity for McDonald’s. Building off of the success of the first thuy x McDonald’s campaign, MAX created custom videos showcasing the partnership, which were then shared directly from thuy’s social media pages.

It was important to McDonald’s that this campaign incorporates cultural customs, like Lì Xì, in a way that is reflective and representative of the diverse audiences in the communities McDonald’s serves. The campaign launch coincides with Lunar New Year and includes custom content featuring thuy sharing some of her favorite family memories and traditions around the holiday.

Additional content featuring thuy’s song, “girls like me don’t cry,” shows thuy enjoying some of her favorite McDonald’s treats, building awareness for the McCrispy Chicken Sandwich and the McDonald’s rewards app (another tool in building direct relationships).

Amplifying the voices of diverse artists helps McDonald’s build relationships with their audience through both music and culture.

The Song: "girls like me don't cry"

This campaign features the title track to thuy’s EP “girls like me don’t cry,” thuy’s impressive sophomore release.

Get to Know thuy

thuy grew up listening to 90s pop star royalty like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. However, since she grew up with a rich Vietnamese heritage, she had no pop idols to look up to who looked like her and could also understand her personal struggles. After pursuing a medical career, she found herself visiting a music studio with some friends. She instantly fell in love with the music world and produced her first radio record, “Hands on Me,” which won the KMEL 106.1’s Home Turf contest. Since her debut, thuy has been a rising star and now has over 2.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 19 million views on YouTube.

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thuy × McDonald's

Rising R&B singer/songwriter thuy is partnering with McDonald’s for a second campaign, serving up a side of fries along with her breakout song,...

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