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Little Jesus × Ford

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Your California Ford Dealers Present Little Jesus

Your California Ford Dealers partnered with Little Jesus as part of the ongoing Música Ford program to talk about the Ford F-150 and to give fans the chance to win an amazing VIP experience.

The Campaign:

Through Ford Music (and Música Ford), Ford partners with the best musicians from across the country, showing a bit of their lives and featuring the music that drives them to go further.

Watch the video below to see Santiago from Little Jesus talk about how the Ford F-150 fits his lifestyle as a musician and how the band stays true to their roots while pushing industry boundaries.

Get to Know Little Jesus

Founded in Mexico City in 2012, Little Jesus has found tremendous success with their 90’s-era indie pop-rock style music. Throughout their career, they’ve amassed an international audience across Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the United States. These young performers are on a trajectory course for legendary stardom.

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